Logo Configurations

The West of the River Chamber of Commerce (WRC) logo is the official identifying mark for the chamber. It is the single most visible and recognizable element of its overall brand image. Correct and consistent usage will preserve this identity from a branding and legal standpoint.

Incorrect Usage

Maintaining the integrity of the chamber’s identity through consistent and proper use is essential in building brand awareness.

Improper scaling or placement of the logotype, different type treatments, usage of the colored logo on a colored or dark background, and custom visual effects like drop shadows or inner bevels are a few examples of incorrect usage of the West of the River Chamber of Commerce logo.

*This document was created to aid chamber members and the press in properly using the West of the River Chamber of Commerce’s logo and identity. Any modifications made without the explicit permission of the chamber are prohibited. For your convenience we have provided a style guidelines and logos below. 


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